Running hapi in Azure

Running Node in Azure may not seem the most intuitive but turns out to be quite easy. Azure has a number of options for hosting free sites/api’s which makes trying them out and hosting basic services relatively straight forward. The Azure website has documentation to setup a node app with automated deployment through Git. The […]

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WCF with Subclasses, Abstract Classes and Interfaces

Building a domain object model will inevitably lead to creating subclasses, abstract classes and interfaces to represent related objects and concepts. Polymorphism is after all a core tenant of object-oriented languages. C# handles these concepts gracefully as they are first class citizens within the language. However, managing these concepts in the world of web services […]

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Data Layer Abstraction

One of the most common functions of an application is to retrieve data from a database. I’m going to provide a simple layer of abstraction to provide the basis from which to implement a service layer that can be used to retrieve data from a database to provide for both abstraction and scalability. The implementation […]

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