ReSharper, you’re lookin… gooooood!

I wish I could shake the hands of the individuals responsible for this product.  I would pat them on the back and offer to buy them beers, a lot of beers.  Resharper has been installed on my machine for the better part of a year now and for better or worse I am nearly incapable of developing without it.


The IDE has greatly improved the development experience from syntax highlighting to auto formatting to intellisense it’s easy to forget that at one time these did not exist.  And yes though I am young, I developed simple java apps using only a basic text editor which has significantly raised my level of appreciation for people who developed anything more complex that what I have, which is most people.  There is a certain nostalgia and respect for individuals who excelled at the art of development in the simple, sterile environment of a no frills text editor.  The benefits provided by the IDE though have decreased stress and frustration while simultaneously increasing productivity by multiple orders of magnitude.


I would argue ReSharper has increased my productivity by an order of magnitude above whatever increases were provided by the IDE alone.  I’m going to estimate that if I was a power RS user it could be increased two orders of magnitude.  The search and code navigation features alone are enough to justify the cost of this product.  Each day I discover new features that produce a eureka moment.  It’s like finding a $20 bill in a pair of pants you haven’t worn in a while when you assumed it was spent at the bar.  Yes!


The latest feature I discovered was the Pull up Members function.  You know when you add a method to class that’s implementing an interface and then you think, “Oh, I need to add this to the interface too.”  So you find the interface file open it up, add the member and continue on.  Not a huge deal but an additional 45 seconds that you may do a number of times a day.  Simple, with ReSharper all you do is right click –> Refactor –> Pull Members Up –> Select the method, your done, 7 seconds max.  This is just one of a hundred similar features that reduce simple processes from tens of seconds to just seconds.


If you haven’t checked out ReSharper, well worth the cost.  Luckily my employer covered the cost of this product, but knowing what I now now, I would have paid out of pocket if I had to.  I’ve heard of similar products but I’ve never checked them out so unfortunately I can’t compare.

Sorry for the regression of technical info as my last blog professed but dang, RS is great stuff.


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