Live in the Cloud!

After much tinkering, Transparent is finally live in the cloud on Amazon’s Ec2 environment.  Transparent is a Silverlight 4 application that can be used to view the bills and resolutions voted on in the senate.  Additionally it allows you to double click and drill into each bill or resolution and view the specifics on how each senator voted.  Check it out here.  Note, you’ll need to install the beta version of Silverlight 4, which can be found here in order to view the app.  Find the link half way down the page for “Windows Runtime” (or “Mac Runtime” if it applies) under the section “Get the Tools!”.  A direct link to the windows installer is here if you trust me.

I originally intended for this application to be deployed in Windows Azure but after a week of headaches I gave up and moved over to Ec2.  I signed up for a Windows Server 2008 VM and had my application deployed within hours, it was really a no brainer.  The problem with Azure was the lack of logging information available.  I deployed my application in the development fabric on my local machine without problems but as soon as it was deployed to the cloud the application was stuck in initializing and I could never figure out why.  Certainly Azure is new and needs time to catch up on Amazon but the simplicity of Ec2 is going to be hard to beat.


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