Running hapi in Azure

Running Node in Azure may not seem the most intuitive but turns out to be quite easy. Azure has a number of options for hosting free sites/api’s which makes trying them out and hosting basic services relatively straight forward.

The Azure website has documentation to setup a node app with automated deployment through Git. The sample uses the node http server but hapi works just as well with a few modifications.

The sample doesn’t make it clear but Azure handles the host and port environment variables a bit differently than expected. Rather than the port being an integer, as expected, it’s a string containing a named pipe. Hapi can manage Windows named pipes just fine but requires a different setup than the normal host, port parameters.

The key in the below sample is to use the port as the host if it’s a named pipe.

var hapi = require('hapi');

var host = process.env.HOST || '';
var port = process.env.PORT || 8081;

var server;
if (port.toString().indexOf('pipe') >= 0) {
    // Azure uses named pipes defined in the port env variable
    server = hapi.createServer(port);
else {
    // running locally
    server = hapi.createServer(host, port);

This github issue describes the problem and resolution.


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