Using Automapper (Part 1)

Automapper is a convention-based, object-to-object mapping utility which is open-source and hosted on codeplex. In a two-part series I’m going to show how Automapper can be used not only to map objects to each other but also as an Object-Relational Mapper for mapping results pulled from a database into objects. Part 2 is about using […]

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Enterprise Library Logging

Logging is an essential function of an application to help debug issues that occur on a production system when you don’t have access to a debugger. It is also helpful to keep track of what’s happening as it runs during testing, as a confirmation that the events and actions you expect to happen are happening. […]

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Basic WCF Services (Part 2)

In the second part of this series I’m going to discuss asynchronous WCF services. If you’re using Silverlight, the runtime enforces the use of async wcf services but there are a number of other scenarios in which async WCF is very beneficial. The interesting part about asynchronous WCF services is that you only need worry […]

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