Basic WCF Services (Part 2)

In the second part of this series I’m going to discuss asynchronous WCF services. If you’re using Silverlight, the runtime enforces the use of async wcf services but there are a number of other scenarios in which async WCF is very beneficial. The interesting part about asynchronous WCF services is that you only need worry […]

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Live in the Cloud!

After much tinkering, Transparent is finally live in the cloud on Amazon’s Ec2 environment.  Transparent is a Silverlight 4 application that can be used to view the bills and resolutions voted on in the senate.  Additionally it allows you to double click and drill into each bill or resolution and view the specifics on how […]

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The PresentationModel Pattern

I’ve mentioned the PresentationModel pattern a couple times on this blog and figured I better discuss it in a bit more detail. I discovered the presentation model pattern almost two years ago when I had the opportunity to attend the WPF Bootcamp at Microsoft. PresentationModel is very similar to Model-View-ViewModel and a distant relative of […]

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UI Design

I’ve noted my vast and expansive experience in software development in previous posts.  (Hint… a two fingered man could count the number of years on one hand)  Even in that short time I have noticed a significant shift towards rich user interfaces.  Rich internet applications (RIA) get the most press and understandably given the amount […]

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