WCF with Subclasses, Abstract Classes and Interfaces

Building a domain object model will inevitably lead to creating subclasses, abstract classes and interfaces to represent related objects and concepts. Polymorphism is after all a core tenant of object-oriented languages. C# handles these concepts gracefully as they are first class citizens within the language. However, managing these concepts in the world of web services […]

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Basic WCF Services (Part 2)

In the second part of this series I’m going to discuss asynchronous WCF services. If you’re using Silverlight, the runtime enforces the use of async wcf services but there are a number of other scenarios in which async WCF is very beneficial. The interesting part about asynchronous WCF services is that you only need worry […]

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Basic WCF Services

I’m going to post a 2 part series on the basics of WCF services. In this first post I’m going to go over how to host a WCF service and how to manually create a proxy to execute against that service. I’ll say right off the bat, I’m not a huge fan of the “Add […]

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